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The Ugly Ones | ■

The Ugly Ones | ■

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Mercy - ON A LONG HIATUS OK By ulotrichous Completed

         The ugly ones.
         Yeah, we are the ugly ones.
         You can actually find us alone walking through the halls. At the back of the class. In the library, or in the bathroom, eating. Alone.
         'Cause we are the ugly ones.
         Based on a song I wrote. Inspired by the #FreeYourBody campaign from Tahlie Purvis. 
  English is my second language.
         Highest Ranking: #16 (!) in Short Story. {05-07-2016 - my fifteenth birthday}

ulotrichous ulotrichous Oct 25, 2016
@RockyBlue7766 i'm so very happy for you! it's good to know people accept you as you are!
PapiLuhh_ PapiLuhh_ Dec 26, 2016
By the time when other people were in elementary, they just drift apart and start to become popular. also, not to become your friend anymore because they think that they are popular
bumbaclautn1x bumbaclautn1x Oct 20, 2016
Yass yass I was friends with everyone in primary, secondary came, everything dropped.
Clara595 Clara595 Nov 02, 2016
Exactly!!! Why does everyone always look for imperfections and flaws when they first see a person?!
SparklyAnus SparklyAnus Feb 03
I have none but I have an crazy Afro which looks good on every other mixed girl but me since it frames my face face terribly and all my makes me feel bad In front of my longhaired,  skinny friends.
pastelites pastelites Nov 16, 2016
Same. My friends have such clear skin so constantly insecurities are running through me head