Yea, He Follows me A lot

Yea, He Follows me A lot

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♥  ☮  ✝   Jr. By YurAMistake Updated Aug 27, 2012

Sherry Owens is just your typical heartbroken and irritable twenty-four year old living a bland life. She sees no way out of her dull and sad life, which irritates her. 

The only thing that manages to bring some sort of amusement into her life are her good friends Damien Sorrento and Lily Kastings, both sex crazed, energetic and complete opposites of Sherry. 

Through them she has managed to partially accept her boring life, but what happens when a mysterious and very striking man enters the mix? A man she can’t help but feel attracted to yet also a bit cautious of? 

However Sherry has reason to be cautious, little does she know Dominic isn’t all he seems. Dominic is a powerful and dangerous breed of Lycan. 

So what happens when this man, Dominic DeMarco, takes a dominant liking to her and doesn’t accept no for an answer? Will Sherry give into him or will she resist his charm?  

Will Dominic’s possessive and hardheaded persona be too much and end up pushing her away or will Sherry fall for the overbearing man Dominic is?

She may not have much of a choice but watch as she continuously rejects him even when feelings start to unfold between the two. 

Watch as the two fight their way to love with the company of her two amusing Best friends. 

Warning : Major cussing and some Heated scenes ;D !

  • drama
  • mystery
  • sci-fi
  • werewolf
LasharrifiaShelton LasharrifiaShelton Jun 25, 2016
The first thing I saw was Sherri and I was like holy fÛCK IM SHERRI!?!?!?! I'm reading a story rn but I'm sooo coming back to this @ash_picard
TrashPanda_2 TrashPanda_2 Jun 19, 2016
Sorry I was going to read your book but I read the blurb and that told me basically everything which is a bummer as I no longer want to read this anymore
- - Jul 02, 2014
I love it , You should continue. I'm not good at writing but I still try and I got better I hope, I think. Anyway , Continue and your amazing. I love the title reminds me of a book I'm writing on #Get Rid Of Stupid. Lol , Yours is great though . Continue!
MorganMorgan MorganMorgan Sep 10, 2011
Love this story thnks for teling me about it brilliant cant wait to read more :D
luvi857 luvi857 Sep 02, 2011
@Diana21 -- o lmao >XD lol no You. Are. Awesome. :D >XD lol :D
luvi857 luvi857 Sep 02, 2011
lol i already like it:D Terry seems like a very fun girl if she :) okay :) i love her sarcasm..i think she idk :D :)