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The Unforgettable Sleepover | Papyrus x Reader | Sans x Reader

The Unforgettable Sleepover | Papyrus x Reader | Sans x Reader

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Hetezil_Rizu By Hetezil_Rizu Updated Jun 18, 2016

"Curses! I have no idea as to how you continue to best me human but looks like you win another game of go fish" Papyrus says as he's sitting down on the living room floor, a pile of playing cards scattered in front of him as he sits there looking defeated. "Uh Papyrus, you do realize we've been playing old maiden right?" You say as you continue to recollect the playing cards back into a neat deck. "What?! How was I not informed about this sooner?". "Bro, every time you yelled out 'Go fish!' We told you we weren't playing that game" Sans said as he lays back on the couch with one eye open. "Oh right... Well I wasn't able to focus entirely. I was busy contemplating on how odd and peculiar the names you humans give your games are" Papyrus says as he refers to you with narrowed eyes and a confused expression on his face. "Well I would be happy to give you some reasoning behind that if I knew the answer myself" you say with a nervous laugh. "Regardless, I won't lose again!" The tall skeleto...

LilBookieWorm LilBookieWorm Jul 11, 2016
Oh come on Pap, you gotta admit TIBIA honest
                              it was pretty HUMERUS
Writer_Crys Writer_Crys Apr 29, 2016
before undertale my friend hated me because of puns  now she just  wishes undertale never existed >:D
LeaderShadowray LeaderShadowray Feb 15, 2016
Sans! Reader! Papyrus! You guys made me yawn too! >3< *yawns*
cool34521 cool34521 Jul 12, 2016
Awe c'mon Paps! Toss me a BONE will ya? It would be really BONE CHILLING to leave (Y/N) out there. It doesn't hurt once in a while to RATTLE YOUR BONES. Now, I know I don't tickle your FUNNY BONE, but can you at least BARE with me for the time being?
- - May 20, 2016
Me: We are SANSational, aren't we?!
                              Sans: Yeah we are. Infact, we're DEENAmite!! (That's a pun with my name)
                              Paps: That's it. I quit. *grabs a blanket and walks outside*
Luova-Lola Luova-Lola Sep 05, 2016
Oh suck it up. Your luck that your not with my OC... she's a master.
                              *crosses arms and looks overly proud in self*