【『Starco』Strong Bond】

【『Starco』Strong Bond】

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Azule Senpai By PrincessRizu20 Completed

Star Butterfly a princess...
Marco a very aggressive boy but caring one...
Star and Marco are always together, both of them are friends for years...
But will their friendship be something more?

『A story where the romance start between two friends』

➖Starco Ship➖

Squippee Squippee Jul 19
"I like her."  
                              Starco peeps: :OOOO 
                              random starco fan: *has heart attack*
                              "In a friendly way,"
                              Starco fans: uhhhhhhhh great .-.
                              Star fan 13: runs back into trash can
When ur crush cooks and u don't want them to leave ... and ur hungry
Because for you, Marco... "She's got a love like Woe! Girl's gotta love like woe!"
Squippee Squippee Jul 19
Marco: your too close
                              In the babysitter episode he like is touching his face right on hers
Marco  can cook, clean, knowledge, gentleman, and can protect... WHEN CAN I GET A MARCO
Cough cough you like her cough cough fanfiction cough cough starco  cough cough cough fandom call cough ship sailing call call fan girls cough cough you're screwed