【『Starco』Strong Bond】

【『Starco』Strong Bond】

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Azule Senpai By PrincessRizu20 Completed

Star Butterfly a princess...
Marco a very aggressive boy but caring one...
Star and Marco are always together, both of them are friends for years...
But will their friendship be something more?

『A story where the romance start between two friends』

➖Starco Ship➖

xAshlee_Catex xAshlee_Catex 2 days ago
Y u lyin why you always lyin, hmmmmmmmmmm why the heck you Lyin?!
TheRandomRolePlayer TheRandomRolePlayer Nov 23, 2016
I need to read this after what happened in Season 2 Episode 14. Im so depressed. My poor Star!!! I need a hug. *cries in the corner*
FallerN618 FallerN618 Dec 28, 2016
Wouldn't it be...DAM cute???? No??? I'm the only PJO fan here??? Ok😢
GreyMae_ GreyMae_ Jan 01
H A H . . U  T H I N K. M A R C O  D I A Z ,  D O N ' T  L I E . .
Twisted_18 Twisted_18 Dec 21, 2016
I don't even know why I'm reading this lol 
                              But it's okay I guess It's freaking starcoooooo
ImaShiper ImaShiper Jan 03
Well technically she is 14 buuuuuttt THATS NON OF MA BUSINESS