【『Starco』Strong Bond】

【『Starco』Strong Bond】

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Azule Senpai By PrincessRizu20 Completed

Star Butterfly a princess...
Marco a very aggressive boy but caring one...
Star and Marco are always together, both of them are friends for years...
But will their friendship be something more?

『A story where the romance start between two friends』

➖Starco Ship➖

  • cartoon
  • comedy
  • romance
  • ship
  • starco
*donuld trump races in while riding on john cena* 
                              ARE YOU SURE  BOUT THAT?
Okay sirsly Marco YOU NEVER EVER ASK A LADY HOW OLD SHE IS She'll slap you
ezra_rhyme ezra_rhyme Oct 25
No its 8:30.a.m how do i now 7:30 out to the house 7:56 nod to javmckie or seeing jackie 8:30 start of class
Hershey_Skies Hershey_Skies 5 days ago
Actually, I woke up so early at 4:00 and showered 5:30 am at the morning😉
Psssh “i guess” he said “i guess”
                              Well “I guess” ur right.....😏
                              *smiles ear to ear*