Fixed at Midnight

Fixed at Midnight

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Deena By Darkxraevyn Updated Oct 14, 2010

Gabriel, the high Guardian of Hecate, has been sent to Guard the newly discovered Daughter of Hecate, a female blessed with powers but also with a curse to drink human blood to survive. He takes Lana under his wing to help her through the change and keep her protected from Apollo's minions that seek to destroy her and her goddess Hecate as well.

Lana is annoyed that she was torn from her home in Tokyo, Japan and thrust in some backwoods, hillbilly school in the middle of Ohio of all places. Really? Land of Hicks and cornfields? This totally sucks. Since she moved here her life has been a total snore-fest until a gorgeous transfer student walks into her strength training class and her worlds is irrevocably changed forever.

Can Lana find the power within her to save the Guardians and Daughters from the cruel fate Apollo has in store for them and find the one thing in her life that she has never had, love?

Read on to find out!

*** Hey thank you for reading this. This is my first time writing a story and actually getting so far in it. lol. Please let me know what you think, if you like it, what sucks about it, ideas for fixing things. I would greatly appreciate it. Part 4 is coming soon. ***

Thanks! <3

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clarky clarky Jun 30, 2011
What a great start to, what i'm sure will be, a great story. Some excellent description.
clarky clarky Jun 30, 2011
What a great start and some very good description. I can't believe I'm the first to fan.