The Billionaire's Abused Assistant (#Wattys2016)

The Billionaire's Abused Assistant (#Wattys2016)

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Nenerh1 By Nenerh1 Updated Apr 22, 2017

Cover by: Skylar_01

Kalene Bello is your typical 22 year old. Friendly, cheery and charismatic she is trying to become something of herself. Working multiple jobs and taking night classes to get a Degree in Business  Administration she doesn't have much time for a personal life let alone date. Until she meets Manny Cox. Funny, sly and a sweet talker, he manages to get Kalene's attention. In the beginning he is everything she wanted in a man...Loving, Romantic and Attentive until he shows his true colors.

Marco De Luca is named the new President of his Family's multi billion dollar Hotel and Resort Dynasty with many chains all over the world. Moving to California to take over the Main Office he tries to take a different approach in handling the Business and his employees. His father Giovanni De Luca is known to be ruthless, arrogant and heartless in and out of the Business world. Trying to break the mold, Marco is the complete opposite of his father and even though the position was handed down to him, he still has to prove himself worthy of it.

What happens when Kalene starts working at De Luca International and is hired as Marco's temp? Will he see something different in her? Will he realize her Secret? Or has she mastered the art of covering her bruises and abuse from the man who claims to Love her?

Will Kalene and Marco form a Friendship? Will he find a way to help her? Or will he fall for the Beautiful Hispanic woman who becomes more than his Assistant?

***This story will contain Domestic Abuse, Sexual Content and Verbal Abuse! Though the Story may be Fictional, Abuse is real. If anyone who reads this is in this type of situation, PLEASE seek help! No one has the right to put their hands on you! Love is NOT SUPPOSED TO HURT! If he hits you and demeans you and says it's because "He Loves You"'s a Lie. I know, I've been there!***

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Oceancrystal44 Oceancrystal44 Sep 27, 2017
Argh! Manny is a bloody coward that's all he is....Why doesn't she leave him already? Makes me angry when woman put up with crap like this from any man.
emmie_clarne emmie_clarne Nov 02, 2017
Actual form of emotional abuse. People actually do this to brainwash their partner into believing that no one could love them as much as they do. It’s why it’s so hard to leave someone when your mentally abused, because you believe that you’ll never be loved that much by anyone else. 😞
jennywenywoo jennywenywoo Aug 09, 2017
It's very hard to understand but being in an abusive relationship mentally breaks you and it's sick how the person abusing you makes you honestly believe it's your fault that you deserve it
munazzaxox munazzaxox Jan 24
I would put bleach in it n watch him die with a creepy smile on my face
WeNeed_HoLyWaTeR WeNeed_HoLyWaTeR Aug 11, 2017
I love how realistic it is instead of most books where they don't leave because the bf is some sort of expert searcher and will find them it shows how a person in this type of relationship thinks and feels. The emotions in the writing is so real I can already tell I'm gonna love this book.
The cycle of abuse is the worst, trust me my mam went through it with my dad