What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds

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Dipper stays in Gravity Falls with Ford and Stan while Mabel goes back home to California. Without Dipper there to always be her friend, she realized how cruel kids can be. This leads her to find friends elsewhere.

On the other hand, Dipper and Ford have made millions off of their inventions. Ford bought a mansion and let Stan keep the shack. Dipper moved in with Ford and became so consumed by work he forgot about Mabel.

"What if the prophecy had worked?" is a question I've been asking lately so I made my own AU thing where that happens along with some other things like Dipper chooses to stay in Gravity Falls and so do the the Stan twins. I'm giving this book a PG-13 rating just because of the romance and some strong language. If you are offended please don't read this book. (I do not own Gravity Falls or the cover pictures. They are the property of Alex Hirsh and Cherry Violets)

Smosh2 Smosh2 Sep 24
Well.. If you didn't destroy the memory gun in your 13th birthday you could just erase those jerk's mind
😂😂 i wish we could all do that to bullies but mabel fought so many monsters no wonder she can do that
Well that's what we all wanna do to bullies beat the sh*t out of them
Mabel, you shall always be my glittery-fun-loving girl.... WHEEHH THE GROW UP SO FAST!
*sheds a single tear*
                              "I've taught you well."
                              "I'm very proud"
Me when someone is like you weren't planning on eating all of that cake were you