end of the day • calm // on hold

end of the day • calm // on hold

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full of love By lowercasecalum Updated Apr 01, 2016

When you reach the age of eighteen, you get the choice of staying with the partner you have (if you have found one), be put in the dominant/submissive program, of have the choice to find your own love. 

If you choose to be a submissive or a dominant, you list all of your basic information and choose any amount of dominants/submissives you want (5 maximum) and you will be shown through the matches you have been given, you choose the amount you signed for and meet them the next day. 

If you are happy with the results, you are able to take care of them/have them take care of you for as long as you please. Any casualties and you are free to cancel the relationship and start again, or find somebody on your own.

Luke, a closeted gang member, had chosen the life of a dominant.

Calum, Michael and Ashton chose to be submissive.

Luke Hemmings kills people by day, and loves his three babies by night.

side ships: jalex, larry.


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blameluek blameluek Jan 07
could someone explain agender flux to me in a little detail?
LovelyLanden LovelyLanden Jul 13, 2016
Demisexual!Ashton. I'm so stoked oml. I've never read any stories with demisexual!5sos so im soso excited.
CallmeKaden CallmeKaden Aug 04, 2016
Finally me and Calum have something in common other than out sexy personalities and our nice bums😂😂
endlessciel endlessciel Jan 26, 2016
it's nice to see agenderflux being represented, as i only ever see agender characters in fanfics and never have anyone i can really relate to
Harvestashton Harvestashton Jan 13, 2016
Lol , I just really love how you worded that sentence . It draws me in and makes me want to read more of the book . I absolutely cannot wait for it to officially start ! ❤️x