Innocence Sold

Innocence Sold

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Katie Jantz By CrazedAuthor15 Updated Jun 22, 2016

Ella Woods. An intelligent, beautiful, athletic, 23-year old woman.  As a woman fresh out of college, she is exploring the world to see what it has in store for her.  And oh boy, does it have something in store for her.  But she isn't perfect, as she does have her dark secrets, just like any other girl.  And her life was about to change.  Good luck, Ella Woods.
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"Ella Woods!"  His deep, dominant voice shook the forest.  I didn't think my heart could beat any faster, but apparently I was wrong.  My heart skipped a couple more beats.  I took in a large, shaky breath.

"Ella, hurry!"  We pushed ourselves past our limits as we saw the border.

"He can't reach us once we passed the border, Peyton!  We're almost there!" I shouted.  We rushed past the shrubbery, the wind stung the scratches and cuts on my body.  I could taste the precious freedom as I bolted towards the border.  

"So close!" Peyton yelled.  She crossed over only for her to collapse to her knees and start sobbing.  *Only a couple more strides,* I thought.  Suddenly I heard dogs and men's voices yelling as they spotted us.  A thunderous and terrifying roar shook the ground as I was only encouraged to run for my dear life.  I heard my name being screamed by Peyton.

"ELLA!!  FASTER!!!" She screamed at me, her eyes widened to the breaking point.  I stepped over the border to hug Peyton, only skimming her hands as something yanked my head back, my body slamming into a rock hard body.  My head was yanked back as I looked into piercing grey eyes of hell.  

"No," I whispered as my lower lip started to tremble.  His fangs were prolonged as he continued to stare at me in silent fury.  

"You cannot escape me, Ella.  You are mine.  Always and Forever."

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llamacornsbestie llamacornsbestie Mar 06, 2017
I love how many freckles she has, she is just like my sister
CrazedAuthor15 CrazedAuthor15 Sep 29, 2016
Well, in a booth... kind of hidden away... Alright ugh I really need to rewrite this chapter 😣😣
HeyOreos88 HeyOreos88 Apr 13, 2016
This is so good!!! I already know I'm going to love this haha :) You're an amazing writer X
snhreader snhreader Jul 25, 2016
I think you can find better transitions than just writing out 'time skip' every couple of paragraphs. Don't be a lazy writer :p
snhreader snhreader Jul 25, 2016
(Sorry-wattpad deleted the second half of my comment) .... authors themselves are prone to confusing which POV they're writing in when they switch like this.
snhreader snhreader Jul 25, 2016
This is more akin to screenwriting than an actual book. So far not bad, but try to stick to one point of view-it can get confusing for readers to switch between "she" and "I" and even authors are prone to messing up POVs