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Percy's friends have all died. Including Annabeth. That broke him. 

Percy returned to school, but he was different. He shut everyone out. His old friends from Goode didn't know who he was anymore, he's just so different, so hurt, so...broken. A lost cause, that's what some people call him.

The governments after him. He cant let them get him, and neither can Captain America

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Wisegirl555 Wisegirl555 Apr 15
No offence but if Zeus would be reading this he would be like
                              Zeus: WHAT IS THIS? We gods don't go around blessing people, where did you get this crazy idea. *thunder rumbles*
Oh_Quiznack Oh_Quiznack Nov 19
in the photo above but was i the only one who thought of surfs up
lolaizgr8 lolaizgr8 Apr 26
I feel like he doesn't know an "ear piercing scream he knows all to well" because Annabeth never screamed like that she stayed strong and never showed anyone in her way her fear.
I hate it when Nico dies. I don't know why i feel no empathy towards other characters dying
anto-efua anto-efua Jul 29, 2016
Le me get this straight tartaguy(tartarus)your family didn't die they live in your Tommy
                              I'm sorry.
                              I just couldn't stop laughing at that amaZHANG typo.