Percy Jackson, and the Avengers

Percy Jackson, and the Avengers

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I know people wright these a lot but....

  Percy's friends have all died. Including Annabeth, she died in his arms. 
Percy returned to school. But he was different. He shut everyone out. His old friends from Goode don't know who he is anymore, he's just so...different, so hurt, so...broken. A lost cause, that's what some people call him.

  Percy didn't think life could get any worse. But of course, it did. His mom and Paul died. He found out he was related to one of the Avengers. 

Nick fury thinks Percy is evil. What happens when the Avengers come to pick him up at school?

(BTW Percy is 16, almost 17)

alycia53095 alycia53095 Feb 12
I like the story but Annie's death should've been more dramatic....
anto-efua anto-efua Jul 29
Le me get this straight tartaguy(tartarus)your family didn't die they live in your Tommy
Rosekit617 Rosekit617 Nov 14
Dat picture though( this has nothing to do with the book but DAT PICTURE)
Me; Well isn't that just pleasant...
                              sarcasm detecter; BEEP BEEP BEEP
Artemis7000 Artemis7000 Feb 11
Is it weird that I feel like strangling Gaia right now? *pulls out bow to choke her*
The strolls!? Haha! Now I countinue reading
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