The Big Secret [Old Version/Discontinued ]

The Big Secret [Old Version/Discontinued ]

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SKATER201 :3 By Skater201 Updated Oct 01

[This is an old version of the book so if you want to read a crappy story, go ahead. If you want to read this book that will be finished go to my account and check it out]

After a mission gone wrong the team find out something about their youngest team-mate that only Batman knows. When this secret spreads through out the hero community, a new threat is rising and it's up to the Young Justice team to stop this new threat. 

*I own nothing and I'm horrible in descriptions


  • artemis
  • batman
  • conner
  • justice
  • kaldur
  • megan
  • powers
  • robin
  • wally
mixedprincess150 mixedprincess150 Feb 29, 2016
I love how Batman has a glare for everything from I love you to we need to go to Wal-Mart to pickup more pancake mix.
SkyWingandRedHood SkyWingandRedHood May 14, 2016
understanded bat talk it's my lango too brucy! GRINS! learn to talk with your eyes and body is all the talk he needs Bruce is awesome! Gotham be realll!!!! PLEASE! <3 <3  feel the aster!
SmolBeanNightWing SmolBeanNightWing Dec 19, 2016
Angel with a shotgun! By the Cab FRICKING love this song and it goes with SO many of my favorite characters
walkerofthestars walkerofthestars Sep 24, 2016
These off world missions seem to happen rather often and at very convenient times fir secrets to be revealed. Am I the only one who noticed that?
XxXNothing2CHere XxXNothing2CHere Apr 24, 2016
You said Zeta Beam, it's Zeta-tube!!!!!!!  Also, good work!  😊
Jackson61004 Jackson61004 Dec 14, 2016
Did anyone completely overlook the fact that he was was giving Robin a "don't expose your POWER unless necessary" glare? Since when does Robin have powers? Am I seriously the only one that read that?