The Outlands (Poetry)

The Outlands (Poetry)

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R.N. Jayne By RNJayne Completed

Who are your muses? Mine are shadows made whole: light-living gods, and dangerous demons. When I heard both Angels and Devils whisper to me on the other end of sanity, I ran madly laughing into the night; and then returned to tell the tale.

THE OUTLANDS invites you to palpate the jagged etchings of a mad writer's heart and soul. As you turn the page, the specters of artists - painted in shades of love and hate - wage a brutal war with philistine philosophers who claim to own free folks' minds.

The sun falls from the sky as the moon rises to paint blood black beneath a starry night. Listen to the music within...and you will know the truth.

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scriblodeau scriblodeau Jun 19
Looks like you've started your own catch and release program, here, @RNJayne . A meek and mild Trilby you are not... Great ending to a zinger of a poem.
ofelianess ofelianess Jun 04
I agree and I feel the same, I write because will always have a lot left to be understood about myself, there is a secret world within me and it's entirely made of everything someone wrote about nature
cvswrites cvswrites Oct 08, 2017
I love the way it all flows and meshes together! Wonderfully well written:) xo
Sam215916 Sam215916 Oct 25, 2017
To anyone who's reading this and has a story they'd like to submit in a small contest, read on! On my profile page, you'll see a book titled, "The Trident Awards." This is when you touch the screen and click the book. Any genre except spiritual will be accepted.
caittt46 caittt46 Sep 17, 2017
hi everyone, i hate to be that annoying person.. but i would love if you checked out my poetry, i have a book called "thought bubbles" on my page, and im just getting started here on wattpad. i would appreciate if you checked out my work!! 💗
LadySchneefee LadySchneefee Mar 01, 2016
Wow, this sounds like you had some bad experience there! love the rhyming