The Outlands (Poetry)

The Outlands (Poetry)

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Who are your muses? Mine are shadows made whole: light-living gods, and dangerous demons. When I heard both Angels and Devils whisper to me on the other end of sanity, I ran madly laughing into the night; and then returned to tell the tale.

THE OUTLANDS invites you to palpate the jagged etchings of a mad writer's heart and soul. As you turn the page, the specters of artists - painted in shades of love and hate - wage a brutal war with philistine philosophers who claim to own free folks' minds.

The sun falls from the sky as the moon rises to paint blood black beneath a starry night. Listen to the music within...and you will know the truth.

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sagesworks sagesworks Oct 08
I love the way it all flows and meshes together! Wonderfully well written:) xo
caittt46 caittt46 Sep 17
hi everyone, i hate to be that annoying person.. but i would love if you checked out my poetry, i have a book called "thought bubbles" on my page, and im just getting started here on wattpad. i would appreciate if you checked out my work!! 💗
LadySchneefee LadySchneefee Mar 01, 2016
Wow, this sounds like you had some bad experience there! love the rhyming
EdwinBrown9 EdwinBrown9 Feb 24, 2016
My friend... Your love for words and their use is evident in your writings... You are one the most expensive people that I have ever read... Please continue to share your talent with the world...
eldorado16 eldorado16 Sep 01, 2016
A deceptively simple form, with some lyrical, thoughtful content. Enjoyed this!
seasofme seasofme Feb 25, 2016
why has this made me smile instead of filling me with fear? it must have much to do with attitude here...