Nagato's little sister

Nagato's little sister

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What happened that night? No one knows except Nagato the rinnegan user. He carried his baby sister with him. He travel and travel. He feel hungry and so does his baby sister. 

One day robber came to rob him. They took his bag and his little sister. He was powerless to protect that is dear to him.  Nagato later found two over kids that is the same age as him. 

His wish was to find his little sister and make peace. 


Uzumaki Hyori, her name was found in a necklace. The back of the jewel was her name Uzumaki Hyori. 

Hyori got kidnapped by robbers. They made her as a slave. she couldn't stand it. Her two best friend, Shu and Takano help her got out the slave but in exchange one of her friend die. That made Hyori got rinnegan. 

As she travel by herself, she met a very old man sitting by the tree. She help him get to the near village. 

The old man thankfully thank her and gave her a new power which no one have ever learn or heard of it except of the old man. 

The power is called Kido.

She should love her brother but she choose to stay with the leaf village
Wait, she's Nagato's sister, so why is her last name Naruto's last name? (I haven't finished watching SHippuden so if their related dont tell me. I just got to the part after Naruto got Sage Mode and he's talking to the 7th pain)
Wait!Dragon means Kido in japenesse,Kido rhymes with the Dragon a pedo 😏
Yeah and she will help Orochimaru in the Chuinin exams. (My guess)
lithinig lithinig Oct 01
I want to her to accept him but idk If she is going to or not