The Gang

The Gang

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Sienna Parks: A girl who trys to stay in the shadows of life. Keeping everyone out of her life and branding herself with the term "loner" is how shes been living her life.

Markus Reynolds: A guy who is known as one of the most dangerous and also most wanted guy of the town. He can never find a girl to settle his wild heart.

Will these to people find a way to help each other out in their hard worlds or will they be the end to each other?

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iiCrazyCookies08 iiCrazyCookies08 May 31, 2016
You should edit these chapters... Punctuation(including apostrophes) are not being added.... But, it's still good. 😀
LoveToFlee LoveToFlee Apr 08, 2016
i love this book! i've read it like four times! i've also been writing gang books like this on my page! if you guys feel like reading mine after you finish this one then go to my page and click on 'My Dark Knight' :)
Wings-of-Insanity Wings-of-Insanity Oct 24, 2016
Why do they always have to have blue eyes?! I know it's a cool color but come on! ✌🏼️
Wings-of-Insanity Wings-of-Insanity Oct 24, 2016
That's how it is at my school! Except when I see a series that I'm interested in the first book isn't there 😑✌🏼️
Wings-of-Insanity Wings-of-Insanity Oct 24, 2016
My Lit. Teacher that I have right now in 10th grade, she's mean 😐✌🏼️
QueenN27 QueenN27 Nov 06, 2015
U should work on the punctuation, you're missing a couple of comas :)