She Is The Legend ♡Yumeiro Patissiere fanfic♥

She Is The Legend ♡Yumeiro Patissiere fanfic♥

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Dark Side Of Me By ImNotReallyCare Updated Mar 25

Aikawa Shokora,16 years old and Henri sensei favorite student.She is the daughter of Aikawa Shuga,the legendaries patissier who had been mentor by Henri sensei.

Before her parents died in fire last five years,she is a cheerful and kind girl.
But,then her personality changes into cold and emotionless girl.

Her six older brothers managed to make their life happy by getting some works, and Shokora studie music and making pastry with her techer,Henri Lucas.

She had been really good in everything and being recommended by Henri Lucas to studie at St Marie Academy.

There,she meet Mari Tennouji,her long lost best friend.

What will happen next?

I do not own anything except for the Ocs and story plot.

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SkyleraWolf SkyleraWolf Jun 12
What?!?!? You're kidding right? Is their age triggered or did you put it in the wrong order?
yuki_kim yuki_kim Oct 03, 2016
First thing is see when I read is D.O. and I'm like ok EXO is here I don't mind at all...
pistachio18 pistachio18 Nov 13, 2016
First look : D.O (what...?)
                              Second look : D.O?! EXO?! ( r u kidding me >_<)
                              *Scroll down* 
                              kai  chanyeol sehun suho 
                              *SCREAM* i cannot believe this vsj!) #@;-*
                              Thank u so much author-nim for combining my favorite k-pop grup with one of my beloved manga!! Forever greatful to u ♥_♥
helgaderi helgaderi Jan 02, 2016
I love love love love exo. And i agree it is funny to see D.O is the oldest and Chanyeol I'd the youngest.
Elmo_Keki Elmo_Keki Nov 27, 2015
its funny to see d.o is the oldest and chanyeol is the youngest. okay everybody!! the maknae is the tallest this time. mianhaeyo to Sehun but Chanyeol replace your place XD