Magic was Only the Beginning {Clary Riddle Sequel}

Magic was Only the Beginning {Clary Riddle Sequel}

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Clary Riddle has managed to escape from death like her infamous Uncle Harry, but now she’s off facing new dangers. The man with the nefarious eyes was revealed, Eric Abernathy, and now that he’s escaped, he’s out to destroy everything Clary’s known and love, including her. Not only does Clary have to worry about a crazy wizard –that is probably more powerful than her grandfather ever was – but she has to deal with two father’s who are living under the same roof trying to battle for her mother’s attention, the Ministry getting more involved with her life, a new charming boy that’s just moved in across the hallway from her little apartment, and two jealous boys that seem to be battling for Clary’s attention more then ever. 

And now it’s a race against time for Clary to unveil all the secrets and new found knowledge that she is discovering with her friends before her seventeenth birthday should arrive. During her journey of discovering the truth about herself and her family, she finds things that could possibly tear her apart from the rest of her group of friends and people may not ever look at Clary the same way. And Clary will lose one of the two closest people she has with her decision of love. 

You will find out in this tantalizing sequel that Magic was only the beginning.

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EliseSalsman EliseSalsman Sep 28, 2012
Is there a first book/ If so what is it called?!?! I started reading this one but am a little lost.....
kimxire kimxire Oct 19, 2011
i LOVE YOU so MUCH for writting a harry potter novel I LIKE HARRY POTTER VERY MUCH AND now I LOVE YOUR version much more IT SOO FRESh heehee cant help myself sorry any way i sound so fangurl hahaha its so long i know im just crazy!! pls keep on writting forever
TheCheeseMaestro TheCheeseMaestro Oct 01, 2011
umm.. not trying to be rude... but you spelled beginning wrong on your book cover.. its spelled "begining"...
33nust 33nust Sep 15, 2011
Thank you soooo much for posting ive been waiting 4ever and i luv ur books!!!!!!
Katsiouka15 Katsiouka15 Aug 31, 2011
I cannot WAIT to read the next chapter. It's so cool to read the sequel. I'm glad that Scorpius stands up to his dad too.
paigelouisew paigelouisew Aug 31, 2011
I absolutely love this, Addicted to your stories from the start!
                              CharlieA fan :) <3