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Olivia Layne By LosingMyMind_161 Completed

Victoria 'Ringer' Rumlow is exactly like her father; cocky, kick-ass, and painfully loyal to HYDRA. Ever since inheriting her nickname due to her similarity to her dad, the infamous Brock Rumlow, she's become devoted to killing her way up the HYDRA command food chain.  Alongside her equally chauvinistic older brother and a matching Nazi boyfriend, she's become the poster child for HYDRA aspirations.
  In 1943, when James Barnes was found at the bottom of a cliff incased in a coffin of snow, HYDRA doctors did everything possible to keep his heart beating.  72 years later, Victoria has personally participated in rebuilding him on a foundation of vibranium and leather.  They've become tactical operation partners- a lethal mixture of coordination and confidence, capable of handling any mission that HYDRA assigns them. 
  When Victoria is exposed to information that she's not supposed to know, she's forced to commit treason alongside the Winter Soldier and turn towards the epiphany of Anti-Hydra; Steven Grant Rogers. More commonly known as Victoria's star-spangled, undoubtedly good looking, personal arch-enemy. 
  It may be called a Civil War to the public, but amongst all the corruption and torture, one thing remains completely clear; Bucky and Victoria are hellbent on burning HYDRA to the ground, and it's going to be one hell of a bloodbath. 
  "I'm hooked. Not even the first sentence was finished and I was HOOKED."  @xsomethingxpoeticx
  "This just keeps getting better and better." @Kaelix_
  "She's just so sassy and awesome at the same time." @PepperPepsi
  Yes, this is a love story. Sue me. (Post-CAWS, includes Civil War predictions, action, thriller)
  (Although I do not own the Avengers themselves, I do own this plot/story and Victoria. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Stealing isn't nice.)

lucygoose05 lucygoose05 May 03
Lolz I just read the fifth wave series and now I'm like Marika ( I don't know how to spell her name) wut you doin girl?
Deliquio Deliquio Apr 11
I imagine Bucky like:
                              Facing to the left: "please don't make me do this." 
                              Face turns right: *gruff voice* "begging for your life won't make a difference to me"
                              Facing left: "oh my gooddddd"
Imladris_ Imladris_ Dec 24, 2016
Is you're cover based off of MCR's album cover for Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge?
akiller16 akiller16 Dec 18, 2016
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
writegoodstoriees writegoodstoriees Aug 30, 2016
oh my lord that gif is beautiful. When you start the first chapter with that, I kind of have to read on...
Skittles1297 Skittles1297 Jul 14, 2016
Beautiful writing style and descriptions! I'm practically able to envision all of the scenery.