I'm In Love With My Father (ManxBoy)

I'm In Love With My Father (ManxBoy)

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It's hard being 17 and having feelings for someone you know you can't have feelings for. That's what it's like for Aaron Taylor. His story isn't really like the "jock and the nerd" or "the boy next door" kind of story, no it's more of an "I'm in love with my father and I know I can't have him and life sucks" kinda story.
 What if his father could reciprocate those feelings? Is it possible? Can he finally be happy?.......

Probably not!

*This is a fatherxson incest story so if you're not into that kinda thing then.... WHY THE HELL DID YOU SEARCH IT?!?! Anyway.... Please enjoy my hopefully not too sucky story*


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d0nuti d0nuti May 19
I blame dante-- 
                              I'm sorry for disappointing you 
I thought this was an authors note until it said his name 😐
FredKaanapu FredKaanapu Aug 15, 2016
Its reasonable for u to b upset with negative comments since u put some hard work into this
DementedMask DementedMask Sep 08, 2016
My mom has OCD issues and is a war freak. Well, I'm clearly not surprised if I woke up on my mom yelling at us for being so useless she could gag. /infamous eye roll/
CeciliaPiprah CeciliaPiprah Jul 24, 2016
I got a lil confused but wooow, I love ya intro. Really really looking forward to ya story.
SweetbossAmy SweetbossAmy Jul 22, 2016
U kiddin'? I love some good sarcasm ,makes the world a funny place and gives to something to laugh about and keep on reading,BTW ur writing is awesome, and I love ur sarcasm,and before u judge me no I'm not a creepy stalker, I'm just a fan that admires you and apresiate your comedic skills.😊