Sunrise (A TMR | Newt Fanfiction) [1]

Sunrise (A TMR | Newt Fanfiction) [1]

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Subject A3
The Savior
The cause of our salvation, or our destruction. 

Subject A5
The Glue
The one who keeps everyone together, even if he can't keep himself together. 

I woke up in the Maze with no memories about my past, who I am. Except my name. Amber. The Savior. It's up to me to save everyone. And if I don't, they all die. 

(Book One of the Sun series)

(Previously called Sunlight) 

Disclaimer: James Dashner owns all of these characters and setting and plot except my own creation, Amber :)

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IKiax_Art IKiax_Art Feb 09
Close enough, blue eyes and insanely white blonde hair.(it sucks that light blondes don't typically have noticeable eyebrows 😂)
TWeetROByn TWeetROByn May 01
Short curly brown hair, freckles dotted all over my cheeks and dark green eyes
babyninjawolf babyninjawolf Dec 24, 2017
This sounds a lot like Jack in the beginning of Rise of the Guardians
biseoks biseoks Feb 24
It’d be funny if amber wasn’t her name, she just remembered that colour
I'm already thinking of names 4 your kids together so maybe I should slow my roll
No i prefer sleeping on da floor i pick floor over bed any day of da week