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Sex, Drugs, And Money (ereri/riren)

Sex, Drugs, And Money (ereri/riren)

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MyEreriSenpai By MyEreriSenpai Updated Mar 19, 2016

The streets of Titan were corrupt and lonesome. In this society if you commit a crime you can't do anything, you just live on the streets. If you commit another crime you are executed. Titan was considered a utopia but it just held too many secrets that no one even bothered to investigate. Eren Jaeger accused of drug possession and giving sex for money, both were crimes, happens to stumble upon Levi Ackerman who is well known in the society. Levi wants nothing to do with Eren and sees him as filfth and nothing else. But when Eren shows Levi just how great it is to break rules he finds himself spending more and more time with the brat who he once deemed as filfth.
(has boyxboy don't like don't read. Attack on Titan does not belong to me nor do the characters, story idea belongs to me. Will have possible violence, sexual acts, possible drug use. May be triggering for some individuals.)

Maybe filth can be our always
                              I'm sry. I'll stop
I also don't use enough detail don't beat yourself up about it okay
You call him filth now but just wait when you or him have there dick up the others ass 
                                   ▼ ̄>-―-< ̄▼
                                Y             Y
                                /\   /   ͡°    ω  ͡°)
                              \  |  つ     ヽつ
fcknamesbuddy fcknamesbuddy Mar 21, 2016
I thought the wrong way for some reason and I'm questioning myself now..
ishaboi_blue ishaboi_blue Jan 31, 2016
Omg! I love this! Why do you have to do this to me man! I just keep on falling in love with your books!
I'm sorry but the name Gunter reminds me of Gunter from adventure time