The Accountant's Childhood Crush

The Accountant's Childhood Crush

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Laura Jardine By LauraJardine Completed

Sunny Ridge 2. A romantic comedy set in Sunny Ridge, Ontario.

Everyone in Sunny Ridge keeps telling Vicky Masterson, the foul-mouthed kindergarten teacher, that Rex Studman has a thing for her. But she doesn't believe it. Wouldn't the man have said something to her by now if that were true? And it's not like she wants to date him anyway. She already has a boyfriend. But when she sees Rex mowing the lawn without a shirt, she starts to wonder...

Unlike his older brothers, Rex doesn't need any help believing in love. He's been in love with Vicky, whose family lived next door to his, since he was a child. However, she refused to go to prom with him, and Rex hasn't asked her out since, convinced she would say no and it would ruin their friendship. Better to be friends than to have nothing. 

But he yearns for the adorably dysfunctional relationship that his Scrabble-playing, donut-throwing parents have. Maybe it's time to finally take a chance and declare his feelings for Vicky. Unfortunately, when he opens his mouth to say "I love you," he ends up making an idiotic comment about ketchup chips instead. Subsequent attempts go just as poorly. 
Will he ever be able to tell her the truth?