Tears of Rage

Tears of Rage

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Fallon Elizabeth By BornToWrite47 Updated Nov 28, 2017

[Slow Updates] 

Camilla LeLand is blind. Born into the darkness. Werewolves are never weak and yet she is. At least, that's what her pack reenforces. Her mother encourages Camilla to be a free-thinker, and in the end she questions all. 

There are rules for a reason. 

With their Ame dead, his son becomes the next to step in.

Time for "mates."


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  • anger
  • blind
  • competition
  • family
  • intelligence
  • kindness
  • love
  • mates
  • outcast
  • pack
  • rage
  • romance
  • society
  • tradition
  • transition
  • violence
  • werewolfcommunity
im_fluent_in_sarcasm im_fluent_in_sarcasm Feb 25, 2012
Dude *laughing my arse off* I just realized my name is Holly too! Woot woot for all the Hollys of the world, ahahah :)
BornToWrite47 BornToWrite47 Jan 23, 2012
@LoudSkies Thank you and that's exactly what I was getting at. :) Thank you! :D
LoudSkies LoudSkies Jan 23, 2012
I really like how you've changed the regular story about werewolves. Like having it...more based on the animal side of it, ya know? Like how they don't just mate with one. Good start!
BornToWrite47 BornToWrite47 Jan 11, 2012
@xStarGirlx really?! awesome! I'm so glad that you like it! :)
tosinwashere tosinwashere Jan 10, 2012
not a fan of wolf stories but i liked how you started this! :)
BornToWrite47 BornToWrite47 Aug 31, 2011
@StacyReneeLeFrancois I will try to update as soon as I can. :) Thank you so much for commenting! and the first chapter will be introducing characters so I hope that you will like it. :)