Unexplained Love

Unexplained Love

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Kaylie By I-am-Kay Updated Dec 23, 2016

As I turned to see whether I was still followed, I was suddenly yanked into a...car. The door immediately closed and I gasped when my back hit a hard chest. A hand clamped my mouth shut before I could scream.

Then I was turned to meet a pair of deep blue eyes and I did not think before I hug the man in front of me and began to cry, soaking his suit with my tears. A familiar voice cooed something in my ears, calming me down.

I then thought of what happened previously when my thoughts drifter to what happened three days ago. That's when I realized whom I was hugging. I immediately pulled away and looked into his eyes to see them flash with hurt and confusion.


Ariel's life changes the time she accidentally bumps into an arrogant jerk, the first man in 18 years of her life to have caught her eyes.

Alvin Frost, the CEO of the Frost Constructions, sees his life take a turn the moment he meets or more accurately bumps into a certain girl, whom he has to protect from an upcoming threat.

Cybull02 Cybull02 Aug 13, 2016
Did I miss something? What happened 3 days ago? I'm confused.😶
I-am-Kay I-am-Kay Dec 16, 2015
Thank you and the answer to ur ques is: that's a secret. U will know as the story goes ;-)
I-am-Kay I-am-Kay Nov 28, 2015
Actually, I donno. It was a random pic that was taken Frm the net
anju_171101 anju_171101 Nov 28, 2015
Pls could u tell who the guy is in the pic with Kristen Stewart in real life