Can't Forget

Can't Forget

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Kaitlyn Myers By kaitlynbryanne Updated Jan 18, 2012

Troy was everything Zoey dreamed of. He was smart, sweet, caring, funny, and many, many more. They were also best friends since birth and she was completely in love with him. He had no idea and she thought that there was no chance because he's never once shown interest in her before. When it was the night of her birthday, all of her wishes came true... and it was also the night when all her dreads came true. Tragedy fell and Zoey thought she'd never be the same again.

Seven months later, a new guy moves in the cold city of Boston in the middle of Zoey's senior year. Right away there was immediate attraction and sparks but Zoey wasn't going to let that interfer with her life because he also made her forget about Troy and she wouldn't ever want to forget the boy who changed her and practically made her into who she is.

.... Though she just can't seem to deny the feelings she has for this new boy. What she doesn't know is that he has a secret that might possibly crush her santity.

She promised she wouldn't forget him, she can't forget him, but what if that promise doesn't last?

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