Career Crusher (Cameron Boyce x Reader)

Career Crusher (Cameron Boyce x Reader)

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Miracle LunaMoon By P_LunaMoon Completed

all her life she wanted to be part of the disney all stars. being an actress,  singer, dancer or whatever it is she willing to do anything for that to happen.  

until one day, miracle happens to her. she was called by the famous kenny ortega, the director of descendants to play in his next movie, descendants 2. she has no idea how did this happen but she was so excited and won't miss this rare opportunity. 

and let her career begin.

-character by me: Jewelina Aliaddin

(a/n) this story does not have anything to do with the real story, and i'm really open to grammatical errors and misspelled, just write them in the comments.

England!!!!!!!!! (I'm American lol. Buzzfeed said I should be British!)
dcvecamercn dcvecamercn Jul 31
Yikes I'm Native American so I can't pick where my parents are from um Canada? I've always wanted to go there ooh or Iceland/Greenland
hmmm... im a mixed asian so thats hard... Philippines, South Korea, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan...... YOU KNOW WHAT IMA JUST SAY ASIA CUz i suck at making decisions...
Sorry to correct you but I think 
                              "Had just arrived in America" makes a little more sense the was just arrived America" 
                              But if you still want to keep the 'was' you could change the arrive to arriving 😊
I cringe at the mention of her name since there is a huge backstory with me and the name
New Zealand or the Philippines because that's where my parents are from