The Nerd (Mingyu Seventeen Fanfic)

The Nerd (Mingyu Seventeen Fanfic)

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Nad By nx_99s Updated Nov 07, 2015

Will the Nerd Fall in love with That Jerk?


Will That Jerk fall in love with the nerd?

Don't let him touch the hair! He could have germs on his hands!!!!😰
Mindyty Mindyty Jul 05
First, don't ever touch her hair. And second, she's not interested, byebye boi
everyone saying you'll become bald look at gdragon his hair looks fine look at jimins hair it's fine as long at you don't bleach too often or if it's too strong normal hair dye won't ruin hair if you take good care of it
I've been waiting for a fanfic like this! Thank you Author-nim😭😭😭🙏
I can't skate but I don't flip my hair and flirt
                              That means I don't have a life
                              Logic beeches
I'm calling Appa Seungcheol and Eomma Jeonghan!! You nasty boi!