Take One Last Breath (Previously known as "The Eyes of Death")

Take One Last Breath (Previously known as "The Eyes of Death")

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xXlivelifeloudXx By xXlivelifeloudXx Updated Mar 17, 2012

What do you do when your a teenager? Gossip about who's dating who. Cat fights on facebook. Guys breaking Girls' hearts. Drama, and lots of homework that cuts into your social time. Living life is what it's all about.

 But for 16 year-old Fang, she's not that type of person. She's sarcastic, funny, smart, laid-back, pretty, and not popular. And she's never been the one to be able to read mystery stories and figure out who's the bad guy. But things are about to change. Because when she gets a new Spanish teacher she gets a gut feeling that something is wrong and really, REALLY messed up with this guy.

 Will she listen to her gut and get cracking on those mystery books and figure out the clues before it's too late?
 Will she just sit back like she always does until she meets the one they call "Death"?

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