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Ava Williams is anything but average. Or, at least she'd like to think she is. Having to change her school, friends, basically her life every six months has definitely taken its toll on her. Leaving places and people behind that she's barely gotten the chance to know has been hard. 

But when her family moves to Honolulu, Hawaii, the scenery isn't the only thing that changes. She meets new people and definitely takes an interest on the guy who everyone in the town shuns. Why would an entire town of people turn their backs on one guy? But more importantly, what is his secret?

Keanu Nahele is a Hawaii native, eager to prove himself worthy of his people's trust. Trust, is not easy to gain, and he's lost it before he even had a chance. He spends most of his time alone with his paints, isolated from everyone else. His only company, is the self loathing he's become more than familiar with. But one day, it all changes at the sight of her. Just one look and he suddenly feels worthy again. But he's got a past with secrets. Will she run when she finds out?

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AModelWhosRead AModelWhosRead Jul 30, 2014
I read a couple chapters of this and have to say I really like the whole idea of it :) I think if you cleaned up your punctuation a little and didn't break the fourth wall (as in your character going, "why are you asking me this? well, because...) this would be really easy to publish :)
YouPromisedMeLife YouPromisedMeLife Jan 18, 2013
@wild_wolves2 thank you so much! This really means a lot :) thank you for reading
xCharmCandyx8 xCharmCandyx8 Jul 15, 2012
Love your story! You did a great job when you started the story, I can't wait for Chapter 2 to be completed.
YouPromisedMeLife YouPromisedMeLife Dec 07, 2011
@White_rose1 Thank you :) I could have sworn I replied to this earlier. Idk what's going on lol
YouPromisedMeLife YouPromisedMeLife Aug 31, 2011
@AbiIsabellaCruz Thank you. Aw man, that sucks :/ I hope everything worked out for you. :)