[Vanitas x Reader] Thirteen days to love

[Vanitas x Reader] Thirteen days to love

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BlueberryDuckling By Quackleberry Updated Oct 03

~"I bet I can make you, Vanitas overlord of shit stains, fall for me in thirteen days." A girl spoke, an almost sinister smile on her soft featured face. She looked down to the male beside her, winking in a friendly manner.
"[Name], my dear bitch baby, the only way I'd fall for you, is if you literally pushed me down a flight of stairs." The male retorted crudely, as he looked at her with a dead panned expression.~

Based on a thirteen day trial to get Vanitas over his recent heartbreak, [Name] decides it's time to pull a 'girl next door, boy next door' situation. Thus a bet was created between the two, all revolving around Vanitas and his odd emotions.

Cover image : [Original] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/35/5c/7d/355c7d9ce1e010e02f187f12869231e6.jpg + Random text I added on
[Warnings + Notes : Mild swearing, modern AU, possible sexual references. Please keep in mind since this is an AU, Vanitas is going to be different from his portrayal in the games. I'm going to try my best and keep as many characters in character as possible but for this AU that is VERY unlikely.]

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-bbuing -bbuing May 18, 2016
This is utterly adorable ;;-;;♡ love it, hope you update soon! (Q u Q)
kingdom_fantasy666 kingdom_fantasy666 Jan 09, 2016
Love the idea you've got here. I can't wait to read the rest!
-bbuing -bbuing Jan 06, 2016
The fic seems to be great!! I'm thrilled to read the upcoming chapters~~ ♡