Gray x reader

Gray x reader

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👑Princess👑 By PrincessCheraynne Updated Nov 27, 2016

You was 12 years old when Gray Fullbuster found you. You were very grateful and you hanged around Natsu and gray very much.

Soon one day you had grown feelings for gray. But fairy tail went to a island to become a S-class mage. 

When suddenly fairy tail couldn't find the island anymore. They were missing for 7 years. You have been taking jobs becoming more powerful. 

Soon everyone came back home, you was so happy. But will gray remember you? Will you confess your feelings? Will gray have feelings for you? What will happen if you and gray dated? Will your past come back for you? What will happen to you? Read to find out! 


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  • fairy
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  • magic
  • romance
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Rogue_Cheney_Wife Rogue_Cheney_Wife Jul 11, 2017
                              God if my mum was in Fairy tail... I would be already married. To Gray.
TheOrangeAssassin TheOrangeAssassin Jun 22, 2017
f-i-n-n-wolfhard f-i-n-n-wolfhard Aug 16, 2017
Your parents are dead? Join fairytail! Everybody's parents are dead or dying! ;-;
So I'm a child...I hope Gray is one too so it won't be weird
xItzCole xItzCole Jul 09, 2017
When you get a stamp on your butt and you have to show it so you can prove your Fairytail
                              Me: -pulling  pants down-
                              Person: actually you know what, its fine, I believe you
FairyTaillover160 FairyTaillover160 Jun 08, 2017
I feel like he would say Igneel found me when I was 4 then three years later he disappeared then I search for him for three more years then I join fairy tail seven years ago which means I'm 18