Gray x reader

Gray x reader

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Cherizle By cherizle123 Updated Nov 27

You was 12 years old when Gray Fullbuster found you. You were very grateful and you hanged around Natsu and gray very much.

Soon one day you had grown feelings for gray. But fairy tail went to a island to become a S-class mage. 

When suddenly fairy tail couldn't find the island anymore. They were missing for 7 years. You have been taking jobs becoming more powerful. 

Soon everyone came back home, you was so happy. But will gray remember you? Will you confess your feelings? Will gray have feelings for you? What will happen if you and gray dated? Will your past come back for you? What will happen to you? Read to find out! 


Tbh I don't think Natsu would do that.... Unless he started brining the dress
Is it sad that I often jump on my sisters back and yell onward while pointing in the air like a battle sergeant
It would be better if he said "Hey! I'm not a old man I'm only... *cue him counting his fingers* 18"
I imagined him picking it up in his mouth and running away like a dog
Chiko_Riggs Chiko_Riggs Aug 06
Where do we live how old r we how is it x gray if we r a kid and hes 18 ??
Sorry but I noticed in a lot of your books it says you was and stuff like that; the proper grammar is you were. SOREY I LOVE UR STORYS KEEP WRITING💙❤️