Space Kid ➸ Phan [texting]

Space Kid ➸ Phan [texting]

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after a certain website broadcasted dan howell's phone number to every visitor, he was bound to get a few texts. it was pure luck that phil lester was the one to text him.

❝ emo kid dan☽ : actually...
philly✧ : ??? whats up emo boy ❞

minor swearing and some adult themes. triggers will be tagged.
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We can be old together 
                              Scream it from the tøp of you lungs lungs lungs lungs lungs
- - Jul 28
I'm re-reading this for the first time after being inactive for almost a year :,)
to the tune of alone together by fall out boy
                              LETS BE OLD MEN TOGETHER
                              WE CAN STAY OLD TOGETHER
It's been 16 years since Phil died, I'm very alone these days.