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Turning into a Ten | ✔

Turning into a Ten | ✔

160K Reads 5.5K Votes 32 Part Story
open_heart By open_heart Completed

He was the hot bad boy that no girl could snag.

She was the innocent nerd, or so everyone thought.


After being humiliated and put through pain as her 14 year old self, 18 year old Anna Jacobs moves back to her hometown, which means going back to her old high school. Little does she know that things have changed, wars are declared, and lust is in the air.

How will Anna handle this?

By turning into a ten of course.

Highest Ranking: #73 in Teen Fiction, September 4, 2016


I wear that like everyday just replace the baggy jeans with leggings and there you have me
I just opened the book outta my library to realize I lost my place ;-;
My friend who I haven't seen in two years who happens to be a male said You Have Boobs ? First thing off the plane 😂
No he wasn't. He was going to point out you had sauce on your face.
exclusiveowl exclusiveowl Dec 24, 2016
Poor you, I turned 14 yesterday and I'm already growing out of my C cups
wonder_gal111 wonder_gal111 Nov 23, 2016
I feel proud but... I don't think I'm suppose to. But DAMN GIRL YOU GOOD