Addictions ❁ n.m

Addictions ❁ n.m

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diana By sweettdisposition Updated Aug 01, 2016

"I'm no good for you Evelyn!" He yelled out

"I don't care Nate!" I screamed 

"I'm broken and damaged don't you understand?" He said sighing looking down

"Just stay away for your own good!" he spat turning to leave

"I can't do that Nate" I groaned, frustrated, making him look back at me

"Why not" he questioned me.

"Because I'm afraid I'm already addicted to you" I slowly responded  and with that I left, not taking another glance at him. 

I couldn't. He was a drug, my drug.

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internet7fangirl internet7fangirl May 14, 2017
Bruh I have five periods through out the whole school day. How long are you're school days?!
netflixfordaysssss netflixfordaysssss Jul 25, 2017
Lmao I have 11 periods in my day but they're all pretty short
Am I the only one who tried to say this and to imagine if he’d actually ever say that? I found that funny somehow, dont judge
alauranichole alauranichole Jul 04, 2016
I would have been like bitch you got a problem with me or is your makeup running into your eyes
LiviaBortot LiviaBortot May 30, 2016
Dude my bff's name is Nathan and sometimes he tells me that😂