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Unknown Presences (Completed)

Unknown Presences (Completed)

15.9K Reads 187 Votes 21 Part Story
A.J. By IlianaGrace Completed

Alek has always been your normal jock. Friendly, popular, and absolutley hates Algebra. When he has to ask for help on a math problem, he is thrown into the world of magic. The girl no one likes might be the one person in the world who can help him love. But her love brings him to danger. A father who hates witches and the only male witch ever in existence-The Pravus- the killer of hundreds- has set his sights on the one girl Alek loves. 
Cover art courtesy of  ThisIsMeggehhh!

puffalooz4545 puffalooz4545 Jan 17, 2012
Awesome! If I HAD to point out something, it would be  that precisely is spelled wrong. Otherwise, just GENIUS!
FudgePeppersLies FudgePeppersLies Jun 11, 2011
Sorry it took me so long to read it, I have been SUPER busy >.< ANYWAYS I love it! The strusture, grammar, and plot line is really good. :]
IlianaGrace IlianaGrace May 23, 2011
Sorry if he seems girl-y. This was my first try at writing from a male's point of view. Usually, I write from the point of girls, as I am a girl.
Tattoo_Diamond Tattoo_Diamond Apr 07, 2011
I like the story so far, and wow for a guy he is pretty observant. I wish most guys were that way... I can't wait to read the next chapter so, bye.
xLittleMonstahX xLittleMonstahX Aug 28, 2010
I think I'd have to agree with @dreamybanana. Yeah he does sound like a girl in a way. Because yes, he is too observant for a dude. But it's a really interesting story though :] I like it =) Keep it up! :]
VmpLily VmpLily Aug 22, 2010
hey i was wondering i dont hav time to read write now so can u put it in my post that says 'PLEASE..' please!!! cuz ur story sounds soooooo interesting!!!! i was bout to read write now but my mom has to take me somewhere!! soo please!!!