From A Stranger | ✓

From A Stranger | ✓

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Divya By _luvyourself Completed

What happens when a heartless boy receives letters full of love? Is his heart brutal enough to not melt even after reading them? And what if it does? 

But why would anyone write love letters to someone so drowned and spoiled as Jeremy? He lives alone in the suburbs of New York, away from everyone. Just 19 years old but everybody hates him. Yet he receives letters full of love and emotions daily for nearly 2 months. Why?

While reading this book just remember "Words do create magic."

Cover by me!

All rights reserved.

Im confussed right now @_luvyourself 
                              is this letter sent to him by mistake or on purpose (like not the JB one) XD
Reading ur Dedication and epigraph ... I am in love with ur book from the very first chapter
That's what you say now lol but watch you fall heed over heals for this Emily 😹😹😹
Creatures?! 😱 Am I a creature now 😲 As far as I know i'm a living organism who is a human 😒
The storyline of this book seems very interesting. Love how you've started it  and can't wait to read it :)
I just finished watching "Gibberish' and learning to dance. Just kidding, the dancing part was a lie