Dangerous Mafia

Dangerous Mafia

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Beautiful__Soul By inspirational_wizard Updated Aug 15

Aubree:" Yes sir, will that be al..." 
              ...:" Yes it will, now leave."
           * Aubree looks around, trying to find who the fuck this man talking to while all of the men curiously look at her*
         Aubree: "Who in the fu-You know what I'm not even go say it."
             ...:" Your still here ???"
    Aubree: " Biiiiiitch let me go before I smack earth, wind and fire out that ass"

               Little did Aubree know, That the man in front of her would be the man who not only bring her back into the world she left behind but he's also the one who's gonna need saving. Will you take the journey with Aubree or Will you just sit there on your fat ass and look pretty???????

    ........ Read it at your own will, just know that if you get kidnap while reading this, please do not mention this book or my name. ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

skrillexis skrillexis Nov 19, 2016
Like don't add these in. Instead actually write it out from the moment Aubrey woke up to when she dropped her son off and what Aubrey did after that to the end of the day.
Rain_wood Rain_wood Aug 26, 2016
Interesting storyline how did she adopt a child when she is also a child ?
katrina4444 katrina4444 Jan 09
I'm sorry, not to be hating or rude or anything, but I seriously can't understand most of what they are saying.
Judelys Judelys Apr 19, 2016
Hi,  i like your story,  but seem to have problems to understand your writing...  Sorry
skrillexis skrillexis Nov 19, 2016
It could be like this instead...
                              Lora who is funny but honest, Nate who is goofy, brad who's a big flirt, and Stacy who is the prissy princess and slut. 
                              A question, not to be rude but the beginning needs major editing...
KeelEsc KeelEsc Dec 01, 2016
Did u give the wrong age for Bree? 17yrs old w a 3 yr old kid?! If not then I am looking forward to knowing how that happened