Love Metamorphosis

Love Metamorphosis

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K.T. Munson By KTMunson Completed

Life can change so unexpectedly. 

One moment it was going to be the happiest day of Jemma Turner's life. Then the next moment she  is standing in her wedding dress in the hospital and they are telling her she is a widow before she can become a wife. Trying to live with reality she starts working again as a child psychologist, taking on cases and trying to remember what normal might be without the love of her life. 

That is until Eric McManis, a new friend, needs her help and her expertise. Jemma knew she cared for him but begins to notice an attraction in such close quarters. Unsure if she wants a second chance at love, Jemma struggles with growing feelings. She isn't sure if there can be two great loves in one life but she has a feeling if she does Eric just might be the man for the job. 

**I wrote Love Metamorphosis years ago after reading an article about a woman who lost her husband-to-be on their wedding day. It moved me so much that I felt the urge to write an entire fictional story based solely on the idea of what a person would go through if the happiest day of their life suddenly became the worst. My immediate thought was I hope she choose to live and love again if the opportunity arose to marry someone else. Thus Love Metamorphosis was born. After years of gathering proverbial dust, I decided to get a nice cover made and share this novella with everyone. 


Cover art by White Noise Graphics