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Demonic - An Avengers Fanfic

Demonic - An Avengers Fanfic

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Master 'o' Puns By PocketSizedWriter Updated Nov 08, 2015

Roxanne is 15 and lives in an orphanage. Until one day H.Y.D.R.A. kidnaps her (because they can't EVER get enough of that), they inject something in her called 'The Antidote'. Afterwards though, she's not the same. Not only did her hair magically change from blond to silver with red streaks, but she know has the DNA of a dragon.

WARNING: Contains swearing.

I do not own the avengers, this cover photo, nor any songs within this book.

domcats domcats Sep 04, 2016
Nahw I only remember a show about like next generation avengers. It was so good. Thor had a daughter who like almost died. Cap had a daughter. Umm  idek remember anyone else. I think Tony had a son. Idk
Roseythewolf Roseythewolf Oct 23, 2016
SHUT UP AND LET ME KICK YOU (Whoa whoa whoa~) I actually said that to a boy in my school
Pain in a scar? By any chance is she related to Harry Potter?
SULapisLazuli SULapisLazuli Nov 13, 2016
Oh yeah! Cap and Black Widow had a son, Thor had a daughter, wasp and giantman had a son, Clint had a son, (I might have missed one) and Ultron was there
it took me to shut up and dance with me to realize it was a song XD
SULapisLazuli SULapisLazuli Nov 13, 2016
One does not simply make the Lord of the Rings wait until tomorrow