My friends are demons (Ipliers and AntiSepticEye x Reader) *Done* (#Wattys2016)

My friends are demons (Ipliers and AntiSepticEye x Reader) *Done* (#Wattys2016)

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Yo soy huevo By KaraTheGamer Completed

You're a typical nobody at your high school until one day a guy stops by- well more like appears in your room- and his name is AntiSepticEye. After calming down about being suddenly roommates with him, he tells you the catch: only you can see and hear him.

Cover art by @Vinyl_Records

Book 2: The Demon and The Girl (completed as of May 10)
Book 3: Deception

Hello, this is Dark on Anti's account.
                              Don't judge me
Pfft... NOT evil to me*sarcasm*... You knocked over my CDs so you are fuckin evil XD
Oh sorry I just waltzed into your house and my apologies for hitting your CD's . That's what you wish intruders would say instead of brutally murdering you
Me in book: "Jacksepticeye?"
                              Me in real life: *crying on floor*
HappyLara21 HappyLara21 May 26
Rereading this story (on my new account) I LOVE THIS STORY TOO MUCH OK
Ok... but you are my cat now. You act like one. You. Are. My. Cat. O.K.?!