My friends are demons (Ipliers and AntiSepticEye x Reader) *Done* (#Wattys2016)

My friends are demons (Ipliers and AntiSepticEye x Reader) *Done* (#Wattys2016)

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Writing Senpai By KaraTheGamer Completed

You're a typical nobody at your high school until one day a guy stops by- well more like appears in your room- and his name is AntiSepticEye. After calming down about being suddenly roommates with him, he tells you the catch: only you can see and hear him.

Cover art by @Vinyl_Records

Book 2: The Demon and The Girl (completed as of May 10)
Book 3: Deception

Bullying huh?
                              -Weeks later-
                              You're such a crybaby! Why can't you be tough like Sailor Moon? Haha!
                              IRISH DEMON GO! *pushes anti forward*
AH SNAP that's what I'm doing right now listening to Pandora and The Real Slim Shady just started playing XD
                              *Sailor Moon pose* *Winks*
                              Yeah fuçk you I ain't no puśsy!
                              *monster comes out of nowhere*
                              AHHH WHY IS IT SO SCARY WHAA!!!
It takes the tiniest amount of realism ever just to do so thing like that, like the character knowing it's chelche af
Bon-Bon_Da_Bunny Bon-Bon_Da_Bunny Dec 05, 2016
Your an angel? *rolls on floor laughing* I'll believe it when Jack stops cussing in all his videos and in his life. And Mark!!
Bon-Bon_Da_Bunny Bon-Bon_Da_Bunny Dec 05, 2016
This made me think of how today I was sitting with my friends and randomly said, "Hey!! I seen that!" because I had seen a hand and felt air in my face. My eyes were closed and they said they didn't do anything so maybe I'm being followed.........