Short Story...maybe?

northless northless Sep 05, 2011
Omg, it was really good .. I don't really like short stories, they're never enough but this one is awesome .. Although it freaked me out a little, haha(; great story <3
Explosivewafflez Explosivewafflez Sep 05, 2011
I have 2 agree with CrazyKindaGurl! And yes very creepy but it leaves the reader curious and wanting more! Please continue! :o :)
CrazyKindaGurl CrazyKindaGurl Sep 03, 2011
@Abbie555132 No problem, you are a very skilled writer and I shall certainly be checking out your other works.
DemonQueen DemonQueen Sep 03, 2011
Woah oh my god, that is so freaking crazy and creepy. Is that really what ring around the rosie means?!! O.o