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Murder Mayhem

Murder Mayhem

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Collete Winchester By dracos_princess Completed

Dean Winchester spends his hours as the local mechanic, but in his free time he slices and kills. His own brother is working the case to find this killer. Cain is what they call him and Dean relishes in it. His next victim is accountant Castiel Novak, or so he thinks. Dean may not be able to go through with this one. This man has caught Dean's eyes and maybe even his heart.

- - Mar 30
"A man walks in"
                              Me: idk who it is *slowly hold up a poster of cas and fake gasps* OHHHH i totally didn't know it was him!
'what do you like to do on your spare time?' 'I like to kill peopl- I mEAN BAKE PIES HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA JOKES'
effapal effapal May 04
Dean wtf you assbutt! I know you're a serial killer but for chuck sake DO NOT kill the ones your bro was about to get his fufure with. That's just RUDE.
                              although azazel would appreciate that.
The fact Alastair attached Cas and practically beat him senseless so he could rape him was what made me chuckle. Because yea I chuckle at murder. Get over it.
Me when I have a secret that my ailbliga are trying to figure out 
xCarlosTheScientistx xCarlosTheScientistx Dec 01, 2016
What are you addicted to?
                              Oh ya know, murdering people brutally for fun