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(Originally called Rapture...lol)

"Well, well who would've thought I'd find you like this, Anya"

Anya Parks is the most infamous rogue known across the globe and she always knew there was something odd about the Crimson Moon pack. She just wasn't prepared for what she was soon to learn. Nor was she prepared for her world to be turned upside down. 

She's heard the myths, but never in her lifetime did she think she'd run into the person told in them and never once thought she'd be mated to the only son and child of the moon goddess, Damien. 

Her life as a rogue was turned to ash and now she has a secret that could possibly send her to her grave if anyone found out about it.

****Please note that this story is unedited****

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savsavin savsavin Mar 18, 2017
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that_cool_chic that_cool_chic Mar 31, 2016
pipa_loves1819 pipa_loves1819 Jan 11, 2016
Would about if we're sharing it and telling them to read yt?
foreverballoon foreverballoon Nov 22, 2015
Sorry if this irks you but shouldn't Damien's name be something else? He is the moon goddess's son after all. Plus, Damien is a bit over used.
foreverballoon foreverballoon Nov 22, 2015
I just saw the add on the werewolf club today so I decided why not check it out. Your grammar and punctuation seemed pretty good and that's rare in the Werewolf genre of Wattpad.
elephant44 elephant44 Nov 12, 2015
I don't no Wat to make of ure story so far,  but I will keep reading