Eternal Fantasy | BxB/Yaoi

Eternal Fantasy | BxB/Yaoi

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As the youngest member of the well-known legionnaire family Zordus, Harper unknowingly is the reincarnation of the Imperial Fayth of Ethereal, an ancient entity of vast magic abilities, and holder of the Ethereal Imperium Crystal. His plans of following in the footsteps of his family, and becoming part of his family's legacy as a legionnaire is replace with a future of uncertainty when he is mistaking to be the first male nymph, scared beings who are beacons of light and hope in the war against evil. 

He is force to move with his family to Atolye a town protected by an Academy, one of many secret multicultural faculties where legionnaires from around the world are trained to battle the forces of chaos and evil. There he meets with mystics, and slowly unraveled what he truly is, is entirely different from his fellow mystics thinks he is. 

Harper surrounds himself with a circle of human and supernatural friends, ready to fight the chaos and enemies that wait for them in the dangerous shadows. 

This is the first book of the Eternal Fantasy Series 
This is a BoyxBoy/Yaoi Story

ExcellaShadowburst ExcellaShadowburst Dec 15, 2016
I'm interested already, can't wait to read more to come! How exciting! 😆😊