❝brotherly war❞ ➳ brothers conflict

❝brotherly war❞ ➳ brothers conflict

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💕love yourself🌸 By sunsoverflowers Updated Feb 20

crazy to think love at first sight is real, but it's unbelievable to know that you have more than one admirer.


started : 10 - 22 - 15
ended : n / a

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btsizmylifu btsizmylifu Feb 12
I am 14 and ppl think I am 10
                              y tho I am not that short
                              am I
17_KatE-XO_BTS 17_KatE-XO_BTS Sep 23, 2017
I'm 13 and people thinks I'm 10 until I tell them cause I'm short and act childish due to how I act when I fangirl
Jinx_TheLooseCannon Jinx_TheLooseCannon Nov 28, 2017
I'm 15 and even I have my childish moment which are very often.
suga20052603 suga20052603 Sep 24, 2017
....I'm 12 and People Thinks that i'm 15 T^T ....I'M NOT THAT OLD T_T
Noumi-neko Noumi-neko Aug 26, 2016
I really laugh! I'm sorry Ema! *pewdiepie's voice* I'M SO SORRY EMA !
Freedom-Howl Freedom-Howl Dec 15, 2016
Yuno: Shout out to my EX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ here to my ex hey there domano (yuki has been nicknamed domano sooo XD