Brotherly War || Brothers Conflict X Reader

Brotherly War || Brothers Conflict X Reader

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♪ F U J O S H I ♪ By -smolfujoshi- Updated Nov 29

Crazy to think love at first sight is real, but it's unbelievable to know that you have more than one admirer.


Brothers Conflict X Reader

[ S L O W   U P D A T E S ]

[ F A N F I C T I O N ]


Yeah you can say that... I'm just merely...
                              One hell of a human.
Noumi-neko Noumi-neko Aug 26
I really laugh! I'm sorry Ema! *pewdiepie's voice* I'M SO SORRY EMA !
I have 1 brother 10+  effin years older than meh,  oh well at least he's also an otaku along with my father
Their house my limo. And you said it was out of their league
SoRadgirl SoRadgirl May 16
So...  First car that comes to mind...  Subaru...  I'm so sorry!
I have 1 bro (small bro) and he's sometimes really annoyinggggggg