The Photographer

The Photographer

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Why, don't you want to know my name!! By TheAuthoress Updated Oct 18, 2011

When you can literally capture a moment forever, what do you do? How do you found love? Will you ever feel comfortable in the real world ever again? Faith is about to find out. 

Faith has always had a love for Photography, and when a camera mysteriously appeared on her 17th Birthday, she couldn't complain. When Faith took pictures home onto her 'wall of photography', she finds that she can climb into the photos and live in a frozen paradise. 

But poor Faith realises, somewhere during this magnificent adventure, it's love or her gift. Can she find a loop hole, or be either giftless or loveless forever?

  • bullied
  • capture
  • impopular
  • love
  • photography
  • void
  • world
TheAuthoress TheAuthoress Sep 11, 2011
@TypicalWordsmith Thanks! Glad I'm so inspiring... Thank you for reading!
TypicalWordsmith TypicalWordsmith Sep 11, 2011
Great chapter! I should take photos more often. 
                              This has inspired me. Thank you!
TheAuthoress TheAuthoress Sep 09, 2011
@Chuckykiller1 Thanks *cought* kayleigh *cough* you're comment means a lot <3
TheAuthoress TheAuthoress Aug 29, 2011
@TypicalWordsmith Thank you! It means a lot!
                              Only if you keep up yours, Wordsmith Of The Gods XD
TypicalWordsmith TypicalWordsmith Aug 29, 2011
This is brilliant! I love everything about this. The first few lines really caught my attention and this beautiful piece of writing really paints a picture for the readers.
                              Keep up the amazing work, Authoress of the Gods!