A Fallen Kiss

A Fallen Kiss

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nikita ღ By dannii07 Updated Oct 29, 2010

When a new boy Jayden enters Kaitlyn's town, school oh and LIFE things start to go wrong, her mind is playing tricks on her, people are dying or getting hurt.  

But as Jayden's interest grows for her she wants to know more about him, which really isn't the best idea. He traps her in decisions that once seemed impossiable but now maybe not. 

He wants her with him, he needs her with him.

He's one of thee most cocky, self-centered, vain people she has ever known. Does she really know him? Well she's about too.

But the question lies: Is there something she can do to stop him from getting what he wants? Or Does she even want to stop him?

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Synyster_Gates Synyster_Gates Jul 17, 2011
oh i love romance stories 
                              it's a really good book!!
                              keep up the good work! 
mwahbubbly12 mwahbubbly12 Nov 09, 2010
@TashaW  Yea it is...sort of similar but i love bad boys too.:)sort of similar to vampire diaires.
mwahbubbly12 mwahbubbly12 Nov 09, 2010
omg...! i loved it! it is such a FAB STORY. i cant wait 2 read the next part... btw i love readsing these sort of books...! OMG!
TashaW TashaW Oct 11, 2010
Totally, I'll read your other stories. I've posted part 2 of mine. xx
dannii07 dannii07 Oct 11, 2010
@TashaW i love them too.lol. I will get right on it now! lol. Have a look around at my other stories if u like. You get to writing urs again! Deal? lol.
                              Love ya!
TashaW TashaW Oct 11, 2010
This is good and |'m not just saying that, It's kinda like the start of vampire diaries when stefan comes. when are you doing the next part?  I love bad boysxx:D