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PrincessBushy By PrincessBushy Completed

"Look at yourself Zohair.You don't hav good looks nor a good height.Gosh!look at your eye balls they are as black as coal.But you know what?You have money!!U r a  millionnaire!And thats why every girl wish to be your wife and I  also wished the same  so i married you and now you want me leave all dis and come with   you to live a life of a middle class person.Never!!!I m not with you Mr.Zohair Abdul Rehman."Aiza yelled.

Meet Zohair Abdul Rehman who was born a millionnaire.But its not the money he want he need love.Love that his parents failed to nurture him with.Love which he never experienced.Even his fiancè,Aliza.He thought she loved him unconditionally but she left him on his big day nd  that made him marry her twin Aiza.

Will Zohair ever experience true love in his life?Will he be able to handle himself when he will know the truth behind his and Aiza's wedding?Why did Aliza ditched him? ??

Salaams every1 this is my first book.Hope you all will like it!

  • hurt
  • islam
  • marriage
  • millionnaire
  • muslimlovestory
minadeen minadeen Oct 03, 2017
The names are sooo confusing..i had to recheck several tyms!!!!
8SooRim8 8SooRim8 Oct 31, 2017
Who is Aiza who is Aliza ? I know that they are sister and all but who's zahirs fiancé.
PrincessBushy PrincessBushy Oct 01, 2017
Toni mahfud in reality has green eyes but i chose him to be with black eyes same way as when an actor has black eyes but he uses colored lens to match with the script character...
asinnulzaf asinnulzaf Apr 24, 2017
Is this book about "zohair and aiza" or "zohair and aliza" I'm a bit confused?