Yandere Servant x Princess Reader

Yandere Servant x Princess Reader

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AhiruElric By AhiruElric Updated Nov 14

You sure don't think you need a bodyguard, but still you got one. His red eyes scare you and his constant childish smile seems to always be hiding lies. Why do you have such a horrible feeling that something isn't right?

A Yandere x Reader story

~Wattpad advised me to do this after some minor confusion so:

My story is not based on anyone else's and is my own original story. The characters are mine. The story is mine. The setting is mine. The universe my characters reside in is mine. Everything is from my own imagination. This story is completely my intellectual property. This is not a fanfiction!

Nubeviolet Nubeviolet Oct 20
Shut up, She needs to protect herself from.... Um.... Dangers.....
Nubeviolet Nubeviolet Oct 20
It's not like he came to steal breads to see you! Of course not!
"Even a wooden sword." What about a knife? Or a gun? Or brass knuckles? Or--
                              My sister: We get it! You can use other weapons! Just STAHP!
zeze85 zeze85 Oct 11
I give it 5 chapters until he hurts us in some way 😒………
Nubeviolet Nubeviolet Oct 20
Aww what a cute nickname!
                              That's what I'll say if he wasn't a Yandere -.-'
Nubeviolet Nubeviolet Oct 20
Nononono, he loves you! He only has a... Interesting way to show it.