Yandere Servant x Princess Reader

Yandere Servant x Princess Reader

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Enilor The Puppeteer By AhiruElric Updated Mar 05

You sure don't think you need a bodyguard, but still you got one. His red eyes scare you and his constant childish smile seems to always be hiding lies. Why do you have such a horrible feeling that something isn't right?

A Yandere x Reader story

~Wattpad advised me to do this after some minor confusion so:

My story is not based on anyone else's and is my own original story. The characters are mine. The story is mine. The setting is mine. The universe my characters reside in is mine. Everything is from my own imagination. This story is completely my intellectual property. This is not a fanfiction!

supermkpop3 supermkpop3 a day ago
Im so scared.... I was thinking of wrecking ball when I heard his name
mmmmmal mmmmmal Aug 01
Everyone's making Black Butler references, but I'm just over here laughing at my mind that turned this into something completely inappropriate.
Last time I checked; chopping wood had nothing to do with height...
Please don't tell me I wasn't the only one who thought that looked like kurapika
Well if your stealing to for a person about to die... then I suppose that's not necessarily considered BAD, because your saving someone's life. It's more in the gray
DracaGem DracaGem Jul 14
*5 seconds later I stub my toe then trip and fall flat on my face*