Anime Pick Up Lines | part I

Anime Pick Up Lines | part I

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See that? Yup, that is Sebastian aka. one hell of a butler Michaelis in the mirror. 


WARNING: Please read with caution as reader may be subjected to major blood loss via nosebleeding. 

 FEATURING *drumroll*

✔Naruto Shippuden 
✔ Black Butler 
✔Kuroko No Basuke 
✔One Piece 
✔Ouran High School Host Club
✔ Vampire Knight 
✔Tokyo Ghoul 
✔ Pokemon 
✔Soul Eater 
✔Death Note 
✔Attack On Titan 
✔Prince Of Tennis ~
✔Hetalia ~
✔ Mob Psycho 100
✔ Yuri On Ice!!!
✔ Yandere Simulator
✔Durarara! ~
✔Fairy Tail ~
✔Free! ~
✔Tokyo Ghoul ~

MAJORITY OF THESE PICK UP LINES HERE ARE NOT MINE 🙅❌ Coz I ain't that smooth :') some of them are yes, but most are not ^_^ thank you! and enjoy ~

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Millennia_Nightfell Millennia_Nightfell Dec 05, 2017
I have never seen him without the mask on. This and the pick up line makes me so happy!
kira-itami kira-itami Jul 26, 2017
I know an anti pick up line 
                              Roses are red 
                              Violets are blue 
                              Sugar is sweet and so are you
                              But the roses are wilting 
                              And the Violets are dead
                              The sugar bowl is empty 
                              And so is your head
Spacestone Spacestone Mar 22, 2017
What's the fastest way to a girls heart? USING YOUR CHIDORI THROUGH THE HEART!!!!
Esorth Esorth Oct 24, 2017
If you have a crush who is in love with anime or just want to mess with a friend this is the book for you!!
ForeverAPieceOfTrash ForeverAPieceOfTrash Apr 22, 2017
I came here for the FairyTail... and the other anime... but mostly FairyTail... I'm ready! *Grabs tissue*
Snowy_Midnight Snowy_Midnight May 08, 2016