Seduced by an Angel

Seduced by an Angel

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M.HArt13 By MitsukiShiro Updated Feb 28, 2017

"You have no where to run, milaya. This hide and seek game you are playing ends now." His hard and commanding tone echoed against the room.

She trembled not in fear but excitement. She was definitely not dreaming. 

She heard his footsteps coming closer to where she was standing.  "Turn around, moy angel. Look at me."

SEDUCED. If there was one word, Alexei Nikonov would associate with her, it was that. In just one night, the woman in front of him had deduced him from a man to a sinner. Yet again, he had already belonged to hell long before he met her. 

Nevertheless, he felt like he was closest to heaven with her. 

Warning: Rated M. Read at your own risk. All the characters and plots have no connection or so ever in real life. This is merely fiction. Reviews are welcomed as long as it is constructive criticism. Enjoy. Xoxo, M.HArt

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MrEthansFToy MrEthansFToy Aug 31, 2017
Don't tell me he got rid of that guy so he could take his place. 😒
jrod567 jrod567 Nov 07, 2016
Omg  I swear I would die it a person tells me this😷. Damn, my sappy romantic side makes me weak to cheesy pick up lines😣
luckypeach13 luckypeach13 Nov 23, 2016
We just got out of that situation and here he comes with the same thing.